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WiTec Alpha 300 Raman Microscope

Integrated confocal Raman-AFM system. Provides chemical imaging and atomic force microscopy for high resolution surface characterization,


Laser: 532 nm, 785 nm

Objective: 20x, 50x, 63x


AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy)


EVA-1600 Concrete Printer

Concrete printer and pump combination unit that uses the robotic arm style of printer rather than an overhead truss. Arm has a reach of 1.45 m from the base station. Pump unit has a variable flow rate ranging between 1 and 6 L per minute. Printer and pump will be manufactured by

Vertico 3D Printing.

Currently waiting for delivery of unit.


Arm reach: 1.45m

Flow rate: 1-6 L/min

Layer height: 3-18 mm

Power requirements: 230V 

Software: IRC5 ABB, Vertico

Carbonation Chamber

The carbonation chamber has carbon dioxide content, temperature, and humidity control. This allows for the rapid carbonation curing of cement samples in a controlled environment.


Carbon Dioxide Concentration: 0% to 98%

Temperature Range:  -0°C to +150°C

Temperature Rate: 0.7°C to 1.5°C/min (Without Load)

HC-3186S.4F Freeze Thaw Cabinet

Cabinet can thermally cycle eighteen 3"x4"x16" beams automatically with the ability for a user to vary the temperature range and hang time. Cabinet manufactured by Humbolt MFG


Condensor Operating Temperature Range:

-30°F to 45°F (-34°C to 7°C)

Data Storage: 1000 tests and up to 3000 readings per test

Samples per Test 18 (17 test + 1 control)

note: Can do up to 8 cycles per day if temp range is small enough

Humbolt Resonate Frequency Test Kit

Device measures the resonate frequency of concrete beams and cylinders. This can be used to determine the Poisson's ratio as well as gauge the internal damage of a sample. The portable kit is manufactured by Humbolt MFG.


Sampling Rate: 45,455 samples/second

Flat Frequency Response Range: 20,000 Hz

Number of Samples Acquired Per Test: 1024 samples

Nyquist Frequency: 22,727 Hz

Frequency Resolution: 44.39 Hz

H-3050 Vicat Tester

Used to measure the consistency and softening point of material with out a defined melting point. Additionally setup can be used to determine the final set time of a cement mix design. Device manufactured by Humbolt MFG


Weight of Plunger: 300 g

Diameter of Plunger: 10 mm

Diameter of Needle: 1 mm

Scale: 0 - 50 mm

4 cu. ft. Concrete Mixer

Small scale electric  concrete mixer. Manufactured by Yardmax


Volume: 4 cu. ft.

Power requirements: 120 V - 60 Hz


For more information about equipment please contact us.

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